How It Works

An introduction

Today in the growing e-commerce era it might seem challenging to do your daily shopping in a brick and mortar shop. But it shouldn’t be. While helping your close surrounding environment you help the planet as well by choosing eco, sustainable and bulk products. This way you can buy the exact amount you need of any product while compared to online shopping you can actually put your hands on the product, see it and maybe test it before purchase. Thus avoiding a lot of packaging during shipping and eventually returning the unwanted products generating even more cost and waste.

We are not saying this is the ONLY GOOD way of shopping, but it is certainly BETTER THAN BEFORE. By better we mean its impact on the environment.

When you come into our shop you will see a lot of different products which you can put in your container (it can be LITERALLY ANY CONTAINER :)) or you can choose one for free from our “Preloved containers” box which are brought in by our lovely customers from time to time who don’t want to send them to recycling but rather give them to others who need it. As a last option you can purchase jars, glass bottles, paper bags, jute sacks and cotton bags from us.

Types of products

Check if your chosen product is by piece, kg (kilograms), g (grams) or L (litres).

If it is by piece they are counted at the till and you pay accordingly.

If it is by kg or g first weigh your container at the scale which prints out a label with the container’s weight barcode.  Then fill it up, reweigh the filled container and stick the newly printed label on to the container. You can now head to the till and pay.

If it is by L then at the till you only need to let us know the volume of your container and the product inside. If the volume is unknown DON’T WORRY, we’ve got measuring pots to help you out.

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. We are here to help you out.