Meet Csaba and Beata​

Wast0 is the first zero-waste shop in Witney which offers bulk products such as fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts, herbs and spices, eco-living products, cleaning products, personal care products, baby care products and much more.

How It All Started



We would like you to get an insight into where we come from and how two engineers got the idea of setting up their own family business in a growing zero-waste community.

Both of us are engineers (a CNC machine programmer in the manufacturing industry and an automotive design engineer). We are both from the same lovely Transylvanian town called Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós in Hungarian), Harghita county, Romania.

It might seem strange but in Transylvania it is very common to be of Hungarian ethnicity due to the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This being said our mother tongue is Hungarian but being born and having lived in Romania we speak Romanian as well among other languages which we learned the basics of during work experiences for foreign companies (Spanish, German).

Our journey in the UK has started literally from one day to the other due to a job offer from Aston Martin. There was no doubt that we jump into this adventure.

Since then we’ve worked for different companies and seen a lot of things. We soon started to realize based on the growing internet information and our daily life that the way mankind is living is not sustainable in the long term. That was our first push to try and do things differently. We started doing as much of our shopping as possible at shops and markets which offered bulk or package free products.
Luckily both of us have very similar views pretty much about everything and also having entrepreneurial mindsets we were constantly thinking about opportunities to fulfill our dreams.

That was the point when after a long period of hesitation and research we came up with the idea of opening a zero-waste shop in our current town in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Being born and raised in Romania and also close to the countryside we’ve been one of the lucky ones who in the afternoons or during holidays had the opportunities to visit grandparents or relatives and helped them on the fields growing fruits and vegetables and in animal husbandry.

We think that these short life experiences gave us solid fundamentals to not only speak about things but also to understand and to strive for the best results.
So here we are at the moment trying to sail through the unknown waters of retail and hoping to bring and teach people something fresh, environmentally friendly and sustainable which hopefully will benefit our planet and also educating ourselves as we go.

We really hope you will enjoy our shop and spread the word: REFUSE, RETHINK, REUSE, REPURPOSE and RECYCLE.