3 Level Strategy

3 Step Sourcing Ethos

Product Sourcing

Wast0 provides a wide selection of sustainable, eco-living products (without unnecessary packaging) and bulk/refillable food and cleaning/personal care products sourced mostly across the UK and further afield from independent businesses to help you reduce your environmental impact.

We choose our suppliers based on the following ethics: Natural Ingredients; Responsible Consumption; Sustainable Sourcing; Vegetarian & Vegan & Cruelty-Free; Small Independent Businesses.

  • We aim for products with only natural ingredients, trying to avoid numerous toxic products in cosmetics and cleaning/personal care items including Aluminium Compounds, SLS/SLES, Parabens, Synthetic Colours, Synthetic Fragrances, Nano spf ingredients, Phtalates, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan or Formaldehyde. We sell Sesi refillable cleaning and personal care products, Sesi (social enterprise with ethical and environmental issues at their heart) needs to be mentioned for Alchemist Organic Skincare, Bampton House and Up-Circle, offering cruelty free skin care and personal care products, pure as intended by nature.
  • From responsible consumption point of view, we encourage our customers to buy less but buy better. Every single one of our products is tried and tested to ensure our products perform equally, if not better than conventional products. As a great example we could mention our bananas or oranges, which are adored by our customers, or during summer period we do offer delicious fresh fruit and vegetable from surrounding farms, like strawberry, greengage. We also offer the possibility to buy organic equivalents for staple foods.
  • We endeavour to source the most sustainable products available in each category and have strict criteria regarding the sourcing of items such as organic cotton, FSC timber and RSPO palm oil. Our sustainable sourcing policy also includes up cycled and pre-loved materials
  • We mostly stock only vegetarian and vegan friendly products and every product we stock is cruelty-free and never tested on animals.
  • We prioritise working with small independent businesses who make their products by hand in the UK. We source most of our products direct to the brands themselves to help support other small businesses too.
  • Finally, we test every product we stock to make sure the quality is of the highest standard.


One of our key focus points is to offer products (food or non-food items) without any plastic or unrecyclable packaging.

We buy and sell products that have zero waste, plastic-free packaging whenever possible.

  • All our itemised products, starting from toilet paper to shampoo bars, are packaged in paper/cardboard during shipping and are offered to our customers package-free, in paper/cardboard boxes, in glass or aluminium containers or another easily recyclable or compostable material.
  • We also endeavour to find suppliers with possibility for a close-loop systems, meaning that even the recyclable containers are sent back by ourselves and refilled, instead of just sending empty tubs to recycling. This is one of the main reasons we work with local businesses. Therefore, all our empty Sesi tubs are collected and refilled, the empty honey and jam jars are collected by the suppliers and reused afterwards, also the milk and juice bottles get refilled after every consumption.
  • Regarding the bulk, scoopable food, it is more difficult to be completely plastic free as a business. We are constantly researching suppliers and willing to work only with ones who are showing interest in the environment and trying to find ways to reduce or eliminate plastic. There are a few companies doing research on compostable packaging, however they only work for up until 1 kg at the moment. We continually reassess the shops procedures whilst working towards eliminating products coming in plastic. For example, we no longer sell normal pasta as all the organic pasta either comes in a simple cardboard box or the plastic bag variant is bigger hence eliminates more unnecessary packaging.
  • All our online orders are packed in reused cardboard boxes with reused filling inside as well (Parcels may not be prettiest. Our ethos is helping nature than admiring a nicely done parcel that gets thrown out).


All year round we try to help charities around us by raising money for them. We already partnered with two amazing animal charities: