Hi from Csaba and Beata, 2 engineers from the Transylvanian town of Gheorgheni in Romania and owners of Wast0.

Our journey in the UK  started with a job offer from Aston Martin. There was no doubt that we jumped into this adventure!

We soon started to realize that the way we are living is not sustainable in the long term. That was our first push to try and do things differently. We started doing as much of our shopping as possible in shops and markets which offered bulk or package free products.

That was the point when after a long period of hesitation and research we came up with the idea of opening a zero-waste shop in our current town in Witney, Oxfordshire.

So here we are at the moment trying to sail through the unknown waters of retail and hoping to bring and teach people something fresh, environmentally friendly and sustainable which hopefully will benefit our planet and also educating ourselves as we go.

We really hope you will enjoy our shop and spread the word:


Owners of Wast0 - Csaba & Beata​

How It Works

Wast0 sells eco, sustainable and bulk products. You can buy the exact amount you need of any product using reusable containers. This avoids a lot of packaging during shipping and eventually returning the unwanted products generating more cost and waste.

Our Ethos

Never be satisfied, always strive for better. We have only got one Earth.